Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The First Day(of writing!)

Sleepy. Hungry. Excited. Interested. Sore. Hungry. Sore. Tired. Sleepy. It's how I feel まいにち(mai nichi= everyday) I have classes, from 8am to 11:50am. I know, that's a lot to go though in such a short length of time, but its the truth. There is one good thing about my いちねんせい(ichi nen sei=freshman) engineering courses; I have one free class this semester, and I've devoted it to continuing my studies in にほんご(nihongo=Japanese language).

So far it's been great to review everything from my days in Long Beach(ありがとう ございます  たかこせんせい[arigatou gozaimasu Takako-teacher= thank you Takako-sensei]). So, in this blog, I will be chronicling my journey to become as fluent as possible in the short time I'll be in this course, while sprinkling a few words in Japanese here and there.Also, because I miss my friends back at home, I'll talk about how my new life on the east coast is going, and all the new things I'm learning in this new (and somewhat foreign) land called New Jersey.

-Jess :)


  1. はじめまして。 ジェシーです。 ノートルダムだいがくのいちねんせいです。
    okay, so just wondering why you used the word adventure in your blog title. There are several other blogs that do this too. I had no idea that learning Japanese was specifically an adventure.

    Oh, and Engineers ftw! (わたしのせんこうも こがくです。)

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  3. どうぞよろしく ジェシーさん。
    I used the word adventure because I at the time I created this blog, I was going to write about my adventures in new jersey so my friends and family at home could get a sense of what I was going through. I'm still not sure if I want my Japanese progress and Adventures of my life in the same blog though.
    wow, that was a really boring story, sorry about that.

    ジェシーさん、 どこから きましたか。