Thursday, February 21, 2013

コーシャーのこと (2)





レビ記= Leviticus
神様= God
食品衛生food hygiene
おひれ= fins
ぎょりん= scales
= shellfish
残っている= remaining
きんるい= birds of prey
乳製品= dairy
消化= digestion

Well, this was an experience. I received lots of very good, insightful corrections (as I always do when I try to incorporate so many new words), but they had less to do with grammar and more so my word/ phrase usage. I am enjoying this writing practice, but sometimes have trouble understanding which correction is the best fit to what I want to say. When I post, I also do so in English to help those kind enough to correct my work, but its difficult to understand some of the nuances between various corrections. I chose the ones I thought bet suited my style of writing and the appropriateness for the subject. I want to help the people reading this blog by adding the kanji, kanji readings, and english definitions for new words I use. I'm getting better at this, and learning how to appeal to an audience (the comments I received online were promising- they enjoyed reading the piece and felt as if they learned something). Hopefully I can continue to keep this interesting (while still using all of the previous grammar and vocabulary previously learned). 

If you have any cultural topics in mind, please comment and let me know!

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