Wednesday, March 13, 2013





独立宣言=Declaration of Independence
価値観=values; philosophy
探求=pursuit; quest
提供する=to offer
教養= cultured/refined/educated

Well, for this entry, I received two very thorough corrections. While both people said I had good Japanese, I think they were just being nice :/
As you can see from the first version of my post, I tried to incorporate the grammar and sentence structures we are learning in class. Unfortunately, my editors either found those structures not fitting for my ideas or I was just using them wrong(probably the latter). The majority of corrects dealt with my usage of new structures, and only one correction was vocabulary based, so I think I'm, getting better at judging which Japanese word is closest to my ideas in English. I'm hoping to need less correction next time (while still using new grammar). 皆、頑張ります!

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