Thursday, May 9, 2013




良い=good, excellent, fine

特定=specific, special, particular

限る=to constrict, limit, confine

期間中=during; for the duration of

素晴らしい=wonderful, splendid, magnificent

営業=business, trade, sales, operations



This one only got three corrections, and most of them were not related to my grammar or spelling!!! (笑)So, at least I know I'm improving. Of the three corrections, one person managed to keep most of my writing the same, only tweaking bits here and there to make it more natural sounding. The other two people who corrected this entry practically rewrote EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE I had! The English version I posted was fairly simple and did not use any complex grammar, so why did the Japanese revisions sound so flowery??? I didn't use most of their corrections, though they probably were the closest to the English version I posted alongside the Japanese one. What makes this project so difficult, is that often times, people do not give explanations oft their corrections. Because of this I do not know if their corrections were merely stylistic, or if they actually were integral to make my reading easier to understand. I don't know why two people changed [食品」to「商品」, and the other left it the same. Or why the way I wrote "all day long" got three different revisions. I wish I understood why some choices were made, that way I can incorporate them in my writing in the future, or at least better know if I'm choosing the correct words.

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