Tuesday, December 11, 2012

日本とアメリカのサブカルチャー (2)


面白い記事(きじ)を読んだところです。日本はたくさんサブカルチャーがあるらしいです。たとえば、「ゴスロリ」とかホスト」(男と女)とか「ヤンキー」とか「ギャル」とか「デコトラ」などがあります。そして、記事を読みながら、アメリカ人は日本のサブカルチャーについて何考えるでしょうか。アメリカでこのサブカルチャーはちょっと変だと思います。日本で、このサブカルチャーは普通ですか。 日本ではサブカルチャーについてどう思うか考えていますか?



日本のサブカルチャーのアーテクルのリンク(英語で): http://www.cracked.com/article_18567_6-japanese-subcultures-that-are-insane-even-japan_p2.html

携わる=to engage in; to participate in
れいのうりょく=psychic powers


I was able to do what I planned. Using more grammar structures form the textbook, I am able to form more complex sentences. It's hard sometimes though, because native speakers will change some sentences that I purposely use new grammar in to something that is more natural sounding, but not something I've learned yet. It's also very difficult at times to choose which correction is the most appropriate for what I'm trying to say, especially since i don't yet understand all of the nuances of some of the forms of words native speakers useI want to improve on using the correct conjunctions, since those often get corrected. I am improving on my choice of vocabulary though. Also, I want to learn different ways to express groups (for example, 自分たち、人々、たくさん人、多く人々、etc) and when it's appropriate to use them. If anyone else has problems with the same thing or has any valid suggestions, please let me know.

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